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Meet the Speaker - Jacqueline Shepherd Meet the Speaker - Jacqueline Shepherd

Meet the moevement conference speakers in this series of interviews


Jacqueline Shepherd

Jacqueline Shepherd


 Freelance – clients include Sky, The Skills Network, Talk Radio


What will you be speaking about at the moevement conference?

I will be speaking about taking the LEAP in my career 10 years ago. Leaving a stable job in the recruitment industry to follow for my passion and dream to work in broadcast media. I will describe steps, sacrifices, challenges and triumphs I have experienced along the way.


Where did your personal inspiration, entrepreneurial/leadership purpose come from – what shaped your views? 

I have created an acronym based on my experience which outlines what has shaped my journey. Ultimately I was able to tune into my inner voice and tap into what has become a career that I love. I have discovered a deeper purpose and motivation along the way as I have navigated my way through an industry that historically has not been that accommodating for people that look like me.


What’s the purpose of your organisation?

As a traditional TV presenter, I am all about communication and entertainment. However, I now also stand for representation and visibility within the TV landscape. My purpose is to be a great TV presenter while demonstrating that diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be a scary or challenging afterthought. Along the way I hope that I will get to steer some entertaining, important and relatable conversations.


How did you become part of the moe community?

I was welcomed into the MOE community following an event in which I interviewed Darren Robson. We kept in touch and I was able to share some of my experiences with him. A few months later I was invited to host the first MOE conference alongside MOE member Jeffery Wotherspoon.


What does the moevement conference mean to you?

It is a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and to be inspired by their journeys and experiences.


What is your favourite quote?

“What’s for you, won’t pass you”


moevement conference



Visit www.moevement.com to find out more and book your place


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