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Meet the Speaker - Charlotte Zhao Meet the Speaker - Charlotte Zhao

Meet the moevement conference speakers in this series of interviews


Charlotte Zhao

Charlotte Zhao

 Founder and CEO

Accelerated Learning Academy


What will you be speaking about at the moevement conference?

How to find one’s element and shake off the linear path of school then work. Know that one can self-educate at any time! It’s important to know how to accelerate the learning process.


Where did your personal inspiration, entrepreneurial/leadership purpose come from – what shaped your views? 

It’s been a slow buildup process. Inspirations can come from small things in life. I believe that when faced with situations, one has 3 options - 1. To endure/accept it; 2. To run away; 3. To challenge and change it. Since life’s meaning comes from creation and growth, I choose option 3 - to change the status quo.


What’s the purpose of your organisation?

To spread accelerated learning techniques, give people the confidence in their skills as they gain the ability to acquire any skill in a short amount of time, and ultimately change the status quo of education.


How did you become part of the moe community?

I was part of July 2017 MOE Coach Training Course cohort.


What does the moevement conference mean to you? 

A place for likeminded people to gather and share inspirations!


What is your favourite quote?

Translating from a Chinese song “you only succeed if you love trying”.


moevement conference

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