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Meet the Speaker - Emily Nuttall Meet the Speaker - Emily Nuttall

Meet the moevement conference speakers in this series of interviews

Emily Nuttall 

Emily Nuttall




What will you be speaking about at the moevement conference?

My talk will be looking at the masks that we wear in today’s society and why at different points in our lives we may wear these masks.I will be sharing with everyone some of the masks I have worn throughout my life, my story behind this and how some of these masks I have worn have been able to be taken off to help reveal the real “ME”. Starting from the many physical health challenges, mental health difficulties and trying to find my acceptance into today’s society. I will be sharing what has helped me along the way, which has included the MOE coaching course, the MOE community and the many other resources, my volunteering and coaching, my campaigning and other inspirational and incredible charities/organisations that are helping me to change my life for the better and are enabling me to continue to GROW as a person and reveal the strong but at times vulnerable woman beneath. 


Where did your personal inspiration, entrepreneurial/leadership purpose come from – what shaped your views? 

 My personal inspiration, entrepreneurial/leadership purpose I believe comes from many things. I have been very grateful in my life that I have had role models to look up to, guide me, inspire me and help me to become who I am today. Examples of these types of people have included people very close to my heart, including my very special Gran and Nan, who are sadly no longer with me. draw inspiration from a lot of different sources. 

They were the people who influenced me the most, through their love, their emotional support, their care, the knowledge and understanding that they both  had of what I was going through, they were the people that kept me safe from harm and were always looking for opportunities to help me grow as an individual, reminding me every single day that I could be anything I wanted to be, that I could achieve like any other person.

With having been lucky enough to have had this in my life when I did, and having experienced many physical and mental health disabilities I wanted to make their memories live on, I wanted to show to them what they had helped me to achieve, this has made me want to be part of a community that is accepting and non-judgemental, I have wanted to keep on living my life by helping to make a difference to other people’s lives  because I have been lucky enough to have had this in my own life.There have been also the many charities that have given me so much care and support, who have also guided me, listened to me and supported me and without them too I wouldn’t have been strong enough to fight through what I faced, this drives me to give back to these charities to show others that there is love, care, support, help and hope to get through absolutely anything in your life. Finally there has been the acceptance and love I have had to learn to give to myself, reminding myself that life is a journey with ups and downs that things can change for the better. Simply by reaching out, being kind to yourself and believing in myself I have realised I can achieve anything I put my mind to in life.


How did you become part of the moe community?

I first became part of the MOE community in October 2015, when I undertook the Guernsey MOE Coach Training Course. This had been suggested to me by Marc Winn from the Dandelion Project here in GuernseyMarc encouraged me to take on the MOE coaching course to help support me going forward with the ambitions and passion I have to make a difference in my community in many areas to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.


What does the moevement conference mean to you?

For me the moevement conference means many things for me. It means that I can be a representative and voice for other young people and others, I can help to provide an insight into some of the examples of the types of challenges that young people and others do face in society today from some of my own experiences and that you can go on to be healthy, happy and successful no matter what. 

The conference will also be able to help me be hugely inspired by the guidance of other speakers and be transformed even more as a person and enjoy a life changing experience, which will ultimately change my life for the better and continue to help me build my confidence, self-worth and self-esteem and build a positive, healthy and happy future ahead of me.


What is your favourite quote?

My favourite quote comes from Katie Piper, who is a TV presenter, model and charity founder of the Katie Piper Foundation that supports those who have been affected by acid attacks and burns Katie set up this foundation after going through the horrendous ordeal of domestic violence and having acid thrown over her set up by her then boyfriend  , one of the books Katie has written is called Things get Better, which is about overcoming adversities, dealing with trauma and reminding us that no matter what we are going through or struggling with physically or mentally things can and will get better, right at the end of the back page of the book, there is a quote from Katie Piper  which reads

“If you believe you will survive”,

Which reminds us no matter what we are going through we can come out the other side and be a survivor which relates to me so much in my life today.


moevement conference

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