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Dream Factory Dream Factory
Dream Factory Dream Factory

Attention all Aspirant Young Entrepreneurs!

Imagine there was a world and a community that was formed purely and simply to unravel the entrepreneurial DNA and that it’s soul purpose was to help game-change your life, helping you to achieve the hidden inner vision and dream that lays‘dormant’ inside you and every aspirant young entrepreneur.

Well, you’ve happened upon us, we are the MOE Foundation (Ministry of Entrepreneurship) and that is why we exist, our motto is ‘we gift, you gain, we all give and grow together’ we believe that MOEments in life, can positively change your life forever. Ultimately for us it’s about M.A.D (Making A Difference) in a MOEment!

Read on if you have a calling to bring an entrepreneurial dream to life, this programme is exclusively for you! 

I dream the dream 

Imagination is essential for any aspirant entrepreneur, young or old, having a dream that can actually become a reality is vital. You need only stop and ask people about their failed business idea or life vision that they never got around to making happen and now they are too old, tired or they can see someone else making it happen. Why on earth would you want to live with regret like this in life? We help people clarify their dream and then make it real; bringing your vision to life is what we love to do!

Many people live and die with the entrepreneurial dream and song lying dormant within them. We know that most ideas, initiatives and entrepreneurial projects never get off the ground or fail at the first hurdle, more than those that succeed.

We understand this, because we are a collection and community of entrepreneurs ourselves.  We live the entrepreneurial roller coaster, surrounding ourselves with people who are at different stages of their entrepreneurial game. We listen, take note and learn from their failures as much as their successes. Entrepreneurship lays inherent within some AND for the rest of us, we have to learn how to make it real.

NOW we are ready to start sharing what we have learnt, the hard truths; the reality in a simple, straight forward and honest manner.

You can find out who spoke at the previous Dream Factory's here.

Here is the big CATCH, there isn’t one! 

We don’t pull any punches, we don’t fudge the truth, we aren’t trying to upsell you, we exist to serve you, your dream and to contribute to the social movement of creating millions of purposeful entrepreneurs across the World, one entrepreneur at a time! 

We aren’t trying to sell you anything other than your own dream! The only thing we want is the RIGHT people in the room to explore this journey with us and people who now know it’s time to bring their entrepreneurial dream to life.

In order to continue running programmes like the Dream Factory we need support. If you are in a position to make contribution toward the cost of running the Dream Factory your donation will help us to provide more training, development, coaching, mentoring and leadership/entrepreneurial initiatives for young people and help them empower their lives.

MOE Dream Factory

The 3 day MOE Dream Factory has been built to accelerate and focus on the journey of the entrepreneur first and foremost; their mind set, beliefs, capabilities and actions, GET THIS RIGHT from the START and you are putting yourself in a position to WIN. Fail to do this inner work and you are likely to find the hard knocks of the school of life will soon shake you up, spin you around and spit you out….simply to test if you have the INSPIRATIONENERGY and DESIRE to really make your dream a reality. 

MOE Dream Factory is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a get rich quick scam that will claim to be able to make you a millionaire in 30 days, we don't believe in this, we've seen too many fail to engage or even consider this as a viable life and entrepreneurial strategy.

  • You haven't got a big dream combined with the intention, commitment, courage and energy required to make it happen.

  • You think you already know it all and just want someone else's money so you can make it happen – trust me at 16 I was that kid and my Mum said “leave home now whilst you know it all” and you know what, she was right, the more I learnt and gained education, the more I realised I knew very little.

  • You want to create an illegal, illicit or dubious organisation that lacks ethics and a moral compass; we cannot consider you as a real business. There are so many good ways to make a contribution and difference in this world, why would you consider doing something illegal, unethical and just plain wrong.

  • You want to take more than you give through this process and journey – we want collaborators, connectors and net positive contributors to be a part of this unique journey and experience. 


MOE Dream Factory IS for you if: 

  • You have an entrepreneurial idea or dream that you need help clarifying and shifting from thinking to doing, we are experts in taking ideas into action.  

  • You want to learn the not so hidden truths and secrets of millionaires, CEOs and successful game changing entrepreneurs who are leaders in their fields.

  • You would love to learn key fast track insights ideas and hard knocks and truth of real life experience from Darren Robson and his carefully chosen partners who are all passionate about helping people to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.  

  • You want to share and have serious fun and playtime with a group of peers who can go on to become a supportive community to help you achieve your entrepreneurial ambition and dream.

  • You want to shift up your thinking, mind set and ideas on how you can make your entrepreneurial dream a reality.  

  • You want our team of experienced entrepreneurs and business people to kick the tyres on your idea and road test the concept in a safe, supportive and challenging environment, all participants who complete the initial 2 days can have their business plan and case reviewed by our team. 
  • You want to meet other young entrepreneurs that MOE has been able to help so far and to learn what it takes to make the dream a reality. 

A big vision and purpose 

Ultimately, we want to help create a global movement of purposeful entrepreneurs who lead and live a rich life, whilst purposefully making a positive contribution and difference to our precious world….

SO……..now it’s up to you, if you would like to join this programme, please contact sue@moefoundation.com for further details.