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Sir John Whitmore
Ushma Patel
Sandra Donskyte
Sam Collins
Nick Williams
Alastair Mitchell

Inspiring stories from entrepreneurs, leaders and those at the top of their game. These are everyday ‘ordinary’ people who have realised their dream, are M.A.D and living their version of a lifelessordinary.

Dr Sam Collins <br/>Aspire & Aspire Foundation

Dr Sam Collins
Aspire & Aspire Foundation

“I’m a normal person who aims to do extraordinary things and I don’t let much get in my way, I keep challenging my belief systems, I don’t let people or situations stand in the way, I see them as opportunities even if they are scary”

Ruth Robertson, Jane Lewis, Katie Botten

Ruth Robertson, Jane Lewis, Katie Botten

We know that work doesn't have to be a huge compromise and that we all have the possibility to reinvent our careers for more satisfaction and success and we wanted to find a way to get our message out to more women.

Juan Guerra

Juan Guerra

I believe that if each student I help helps another three people, we can change the world in a generation.

Ilaria Forte</br>radicalfuture

Ilaria Forte

My purpose is to inspire and catalyse transformation in people. To “set them free” from internal or external limitations.

Rioch Edwards-Brown</br>So You Wanna Be In TV?

Rioch Edwards-Brown
So You Wanna Be In TV?

Mother, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker & Unofficial Entertainment Officer

Jane Firth<br/>Jane's Games

Jane Firth
Jane's Games

Jane's Games brings together many years of experience and ideas from: teaching teachers in Tanzania using minimal resources; Montessori nurseries in England and Hong Kong; primary school and special schools in England and Hong Kong; workshops for parents on their children's literacy and numeracy.

Bill Mizen </br>Jimmy Mizen Foundation

Bill Mizen
Jimmy Mizen Foundation

I do not remember much of my life before my brother died, I feel as though that was someone else, with very little direction, conviction and more importantly purpose.

Sandra Donskyte <br/>BITCH Magazine

Sandra Donskyte
BITCH Magazine

“I've been behind the scenes and now I am coming out in the limelight”

Tim Armoo<br/>Doodlar

Tim Armoo

My name is Timothy Armoo, I am 18 and in my last year of school and I have a habit of never ending my sente…

Nick Williams <br/>Inspired Entrepreneurs

Nick Williams
Inspired Entrepreneurs

“The inspiration came from my own heart rather than role models”

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