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Thank you for your interest in the MOE Foundation.

A Special Thank You

Thank you for your interest in the MOE Foundation, we really genuinely appreciate your interest, support and connection to its purpose.

The MOE Foundation (Ministry of Entrepreneurship) is a legacy from the Robson family (Darren, Nick, Nadine & Jon) to their Mum. 

On July the 10th 2000 Mum (Mama) suddenly and tragically passed away at the tender age of 52. Vanessa Eileen Geraldine Barlow (Robson) was one of the kindest, most loving, beautiful and caring people you could hope to meet.

She had many famous sayings

'you are never more than a thought away’.

‘don’t take life too seriously, you won’t get out of it alive’.

‘there is no such thing as an ugly person, it’s a fruit’.

These sayings, life lessons and beliefs shaped her 4 children and many others around her.

Mum, sought to see the good and beauty in everyone, even those who never deserved it!

She taught us the importance of seeing the beauty in life, optimism, confidence and love.  She was like a positive matriarch on the estate that we grew up!

Often found with a cup of tea in her hand listening to the life troubles and strife of others, whilst rarely sharing her own challenges (which were often more significant).

The values she instilled within us came to the forefront of our mind at the time of her funeral service and we announced to a cram packed church that as her children we would one day set up a lasting legacy in her memory.

We committed to setting up a foundation with the purpose of:
 ‘challenging and defeating the poverty mindset in society by supporting vulnerable and underprivileged young people to achieve their dreams’.

At the time of her funeral service we did not have any idea of the how, when or what, our only certainty was the ‘why’!  We knew that we did not want another family, child or woman to go through what she and we had endured and suffered. We knew that we would one day make this vision come alive.

The official launch of the MOE Foundation represents a very important moment when we bring this alive with a great sense of family pride. If she is watching over us, we are sure she is doing so with a cup of tea in her hand and a smile on her face.

Thank you, thank you

We know that the vision and purpose of the MOE Foundation extends beyond us, it will only be possible for this movement to reach its fullest potential with the love, commitment, support and energy from our friends and extended professional family.

So thank you for your support and commitment in supporting us in achieving our vision and for helping us to ensure the MOE Foundation goes on to grow beyond our lifetime. At the same time as representing a timeless legacy to our Mum.

Love and best wishes.

Darren, Nick, Nadine and Jon Robson 

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