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Our Purpose Our Purpose

The MOE Foundation

The MOE Foundation is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation that provides coaching and mentoring to defeat the conditions that create a poverty mind set in society by stimulating conscious, purposeful entrepreneurial spirit in the current and future global generations. 

MOE’s Purpose is…..

The MOE Foundation actively seeks to support young people, to break the rules of the game and positively disrupt their life experience by providing them with a supportive network, training, development, coaching, mentoring and leadership/entrepreneurial initiatives. These young people then become community ambassadors and role models to others.

We are fortunate to know and work with some of the world's leading organisations and a host of excellent charities. Whilst we all do and deliver different things, we all share a common purpose to M.A.D to young people's lives across the globe.

MOE’s principles and values 

Think differently and spin poverty on its head by actively showcasing the strengths and talents of young people.

Pro-actively seek to make a difference in our world, one child and young person at a time.

Deliberately provide acts of kindness by sharing gifts, support and help to those who can benefit.

To build a safe, caring and supportive network and community that actively seeks to help people they don’t yet know.

To put young people and their stories at the heart of all that we do, to do good work that we can be collectively proud to be associated with.

To challenge the poverty mindset in society by providing young people with the tools and support mechanisms for them to help themselves and others.

To be playful, respectful, humble and to have fun at the same time……simples!

MOE delivering on our promises…..

MOE delivers services to young people to help them to empower their lives. We work with young people from across the social spectrum, with a particular focus on young people from socially and educationally deprived backgrounds.

Since our official inception and launch in January 2012 we have developed a range of programmes, such as the MOE Coach Training Course and Dream Factory, that deliver services and support to young people. As MOE grows globally we will extend these offers, adapt them and will continue to innovate new initiatives that will align with the MOE communities purpose.

MOE is a virtual and collaborative eco-system, we see ourselves as a social experiment that aims to connect, collaborate, partner, challenge and support individuals and organisation’s whose purpose aligns with ours.

As we learn more about the needs of young people we will evolve new solutions that will provide ‘game-changing’ opportunities for our MOE Young People.

Join us on the journey of a thousand miles; we have merely taken the first steps


Here is MOE's founder, Darren Robson, to tell you more about the MOE Foundation and its history