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Darren Robson Darren Robson

Chief Fire-starter and Storyteller here at the MOE Foundation, Darren is a serial purposeful entrepreneur and global leader who co-leads 3 organisations.

Darren is the Founder of DR Arete Ltd  a boutique leadership coaching, mentoring and advisory service that specialises in working with corporate CEO, leaders and their teams. He works with FTSE 100 and 250 companies, as well as charity CEOs and successful entrepreneurs in high growth organisations.

Darren is a global board director and leader within the Association for Coaching. In the past 10 years Darren and his fellow global leadership colleagues have grown the AC into one of the leading professional coaching memberships communities with members in 40+ countries.

Darren’s inspirational storytelling focuses on purpose, legacy, contribution and meaning in life, sharing his personal insights, experience and wisdom spanning the domains of coaching, leadership and entrepreneurship.

His professional leadership work spans across corporate, charitable, social and entrepreneurship working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and top leadership teams in these diverse sectors.

Darren loves to inspire and challenge people to live their lifelessordinary and make a positive contribution in the world.


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